The international conference series entitled “Nonlinear Science and Complexity” was firstly held in Beijing – China in 2006 and then the second one was organized in Porto – Portugal in 2008. The “ 3rd Nonlinear Science and Complexity – (NSC’10)” international conference is recently hosted at Cankaya University – Turkey between July 28 and July 31, 2010.

This conference provided a place to exchange recent developments, discoveries and progresses on Nonlinear Science and Complexity. The aims of the conference were to present the fundamental and frontier theories and techniques for modern science and technology, and to stimulate more research interest for exploration of nonlinear science and complexity. The conference focused on fundamental theories and principles, analytical and symbolic approaches, computational techniques in nonlinear physical science and nonlinear mathematics.

In NSC’10, there were approximately 240 registered participants from 35 different countries. The 11 invited speakers of the conference coming from the USA, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and United Kingdom persented their lectures about the subject of nonlinear science and complexity. The participants gave oral presentations of their scientific works in the parallel sessions where the number of parallel sessions was 46. Additionally, there were 25 poster presentations during the poster session. In this conference, 19 special symposia which was organized by the symposium organizers according to different special topics in the area of the conference. At the end of the NSC’10 conference, some special awards are distributed to the nominees who were presented their papers in the conference and have important results in their fields of studies. The winner of the “Lagrange Award” was Prof. Lev A. Ostrovsky (from NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory, Physical Sciences Division, USA) and the winner of “Zaslavsky Award” was Prof. Thomas Solomon (from Department of Physics and Astronomy, Bucknell University, USA).

Before the period of NSC’10 conference, Cankaya University organized a joint international conference entitled “New Trends in Nanotechnology and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems - (NNDS’10)” in the period of July 25 – 27, 2010. In this conference, there were 10 invited speakers and approximately 77 participants from all around the world who presented their studies in the area of nanotechnology and nonlinear dynamical systems.

This CD contains all the peer reviewed contributions presented at the international conference NSC’10 and some of the papers presented at the international conference NNDS’10.  The CD contains in total 139 papers.

The Organizing Committee wishes to express their thanks to the Vice Rector of Cankaya University Yahya Kemal Baykal, and to the academic staff members Özlem Defterli, Adnan Bilgen and Raziye Mert for their important work both in preparation of the conference and during the conference period. Also, we would like to thank Nazmi Battal, Burçin Tuna, Ismail Dilbaz, Rıdvan Kılıç, Hakan Yurduseven, Deha Çaman, Pınar Baloş, Abdurrahman Kaplan, Haluk Sayın, Ali Saraç, Ebru Güler, Ayça Tatoğlu, Şerafettin Karaköy, Doğan Dereağzı, Emrah Kaya, Necati Doğru, Sabit Yılmaz, Kamil  Bilgiç, Yasemin Tozlu and the students of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Cankaya University for their help.

The organizers of NNDS’10 and NSC’10 would like to thank the sponsors, namely Cankaya University, represented by the President of the Board of Trustees Sıtkı Alp and the Rector of Cankaya University Prof. Dr. Ziya Burhanettin Guvenc, and TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for providing the resources needed to hold these international conferences.

Ankara, Turkey
November 30, 2010


Dumitru Baleanu

Ziya Burhanettin Guvenc

Ozlem Defterli